Nena Loaysa

Loaysa graduated in Fine Arts in 2010 with the specialty of painting and graphic design, firmly establishing herself in the field of figurative painting using her environment and life as a rich garden of inspirations. After years of research on new pictorial support, the artist abandoned the encaustic and embarked on a new oil adventure where she began to create colorful scenes full of people, childhood memories, and light in a totally personal way. Loaysa finds true comfort and truth
in the reality of imperfections within her life and environment. She maintains a constant struggle to preserve individuality and unique aspects in her figures and objects, showing in her work an exchange between the human and the inanimate in a world that celebrates the vibrant diversity and beauty of life that lives and that exists around it. Protect the world of childhood, tinged with nostalgia with an infusion of Loaysa's exclusive style, through a palette of vividly saturated grayish colors and a dazzling spectrum of light. The artist continually stresses that painting must transport you to another universe, fill the viewer with other experiences, so her work is a combination of fantastic narratives and real moments captured from the artist's life.
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